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 Marcella Kratz was born in Berlin in 1962. She grew up in a family, where art and music were deeply anchored in daily life. Her mother was a passionate amateur of the cello and piano. Her father was a sculptor, painter and restorer of sculptures at the museum "Preussischer Kulturbesitz Berlin".

She soon developped both a talent for music, drawing and sculpturing. She first entered upon a career as a flautist. After her studies as a fluteplayer in Berlin and Paris, her first job was in the musical theatre of Berlin ( Theater des Westens ), followed by the Radio- Symphonie- Orchester of Berlin ( Wladimir Ashkenazy). In 1997 she joined the Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin (Claudio Abbado).

Outside her work in the orchestra she has spent much time in drawing and modelling objects in clay, always representing the human body that never ceases to fascinate her.

Love made her leave her natal town and her profession as a flautist in order to live with her husband in the south of France. Ever since she has completely devoted herself to her talent as a sculptoress , infinitively inspired by the beauty, sensuality, and expressiveness of the gesture .